... heard a radio show this morning on romance, music, and angels

... 3 quotes stood out to me

... 1, angels are nothing more than ideas of God

... 2, from St. Augustine: everything in the material world has an angel in front of
it, coaxing it along

... 3, from Voltaire: God has deemed it that we not know the angel's abode

.... i agree with them all

... number 1 is in sync with my view that the cosmos is actually run on thought

... numbers 2 and 3 sync well also, as we now observe the mysterious workings
of the 11 dimensional universe, and attempt theory after theory, to explain
how it interacts with our 3 dimensional material world and our concept of time

... one interesting thing about all this, is that i heard commentary that
the Higgs Boson almost acts as if it dosn't want to
be discovered. Furthermore, one scientist's speculation is that it
actually is causing damage to equipment designed to detect it

.... i call the culprit the Higgs Bozo, it is the concious entity which is tasked
with keeping the karmic integrity of the universe intact... it is the
sum total and leader of all angels.... it does what God decides, in less
than an infinitely small time span to us

... the time span in question, is so small, it for all purposes is
not surpassable in smallness for our material world

... trying to control time's flow at that level of smallness, is
guarded by the Higg's Bozo... and bad things happen when you ignore warnings

... i refer to it as the bozo, because it is the trickster, the bringer
of luck, both good and bad.... but i have the greatest respect for it...

... it guards the gate to the other dimensions
... and God has ordered it: no evil shall pass


2010 by zentara