the zen of evil

... i saw a discussion of evil, on the Agenda last night

... i must take a try at the eternal attempt
to cleanly define what evil is

... evil is such a weird concept
... both specific and nebulous at the same time
... much like the sense of smell

... to me: evil is when bad karma is present in your space-time locale
and tries to impose it's events directly into your time stream
without your consent, or sometimes often with your consent

... and so what is bad karma?... it is the potential to create events
which are harmful to the soul's intended path thru this world

... harm can come many ways.... materially, emotionally, or psychically

... evil attempts to inject it's karmic event sequences
into those around it.... like a psychic disease which
could impact psychosomatic or real events as a consequence

... in simple terms: people have run amok in their
earthly desires for greed and power... they will trounce on
each other to get it, and make up all sorts of demented
internal realities to escape the guilt over the events they create
... so you need to psychically shield yourself at all times

.... most of the events we see around us are the karmic events
sequences of those currently running around chasing greed, power, or self-fullfullment
... or they may be echoes of the past event sequences of our ancestors

... the approach of evil is one of those things you smell,
smell with your psychic nose

... are our desires for greed and power the sole source of evil?
... or are there other sources?
... evil little minds want to know, don't they?

... always find a way to make the evil, which may come your way,
work out good for you
... it's psychic judo

... thats what evil is, any clearer now? :-)

... that leaves the interesting question:
if something bad does befall you, and it is intended to
put you back on your intended path, is it evil?
... or just God giving you a shove in the right direction?


2010 by zentara