the right to think

... what are we humans anyways?
... something that has the ability to think as we do,
is the current common test for humanity

... and why do we need to know if it can think?,
because it makes us feel squeamish to cause suffering to
other creatures which we can empathize with

... but what is thinking? ... can we define it, if
we ourselves are investigating it... a real catch22

... you might be thinking this very thought, right now
as you read this .... but do you question what those
thoughts are?

... are they like cosmic radio waves received,
or are they internally generated self-chatter,
which we use to help us keep balanced as we move around

... we often ask, how intelligent is that creature? ,
usually meaning how well do they follow orders :-)

... but each creature is designed for optimum living
in their natural conditions... not for doing our slave labor
... we often forget that, in our human-centric modern reality

... like the question: should we get rid of cows?

... i mean in this overcrowded human civilization, grazing
land is becoming scarce and expensive; and milk might not
be the best food for humans

... i know as a survivalist, milk and cheese is a great way to
store up the solar energy falling on some grasslands

...also, this is the Milky Way, and souls do come here for the ice cream. :-)

... my indulgent side does head straight for dairy
... fried swiss cheese...hmmmm... ice cream by the half gallon

... so what do we do about the cows, and why am i thinking about it?
... i dunno, probably because i'm considering the karma of eating ice cream

... there really isn't much to do anymore than grow the grain, and
have festivals about it.... which as i think of the corn goddess,
makes me feel glad she is still here in N.America

... thank you corn goddess


2010 by zentara