God, Einstein, Darwin, evolution and us

... i saw a clip of a movie today, about Darwin,
the theory of evolution, and how God views it all

My thoughts?

Einstein had this great creative brain structure, which is
evidenced by his statement that when 2 opposing theories
collide irreconciably.... the solution is to find a frame
of reference where both views can be correct at the same time

... thus ways of viewing the wave-particle duality can be made,
and equally important the fluidity of space-time and gravity

... but how can the creationist's view of a 7 day God creation,
be reconciled with the modern theory of evolution?

... i, and others call it the hidden hand of God,
where God is actually an eternal thought, and as the thought
propagates out thru the cosmos, spirals are created in the
space-time, allowing formation of matter, accreations of ice,
then life itself, one step at a time, until humans emerge,

... humans who can even contemplate this text, and who
exhilerate God by doing so... its as if God has a connection
into the material world.... a sensory feeling unit into 3d reality

... so 7 days in God-time is a very long time, although it
seems an eternity to us
... and fyi, the real difficult step was manifesting the strands of DNA,
out of the cosmic soup; not the change from chimp to man
.... and besides, in God's world, the chimp had his own role to play in the web of life

... i believe God is actually attempting to manifest in our
reality.... it is done by little genes being turned off and on
under God's control... and that evolution continues, as humans
evolve into couch potatoes.

... so there it is.... the actual way our atoms and molecules
seem to form together in patterns, so as to create a self-aware
lifeforms in the material world, is a result of the Eternal
Thought, trying to take form. Days are very long in the world
of the Eternal Thought, it seems like an eternity to puny creatures
like us

... so the process of evolution is simply the will of God, imposing
itself on our material existence

... and if you think that how can a thought control anything?
.... remember you are thinking this right now, God does the same thing
only on a bigger scale


2010 by zentara