thinking about God

... its sunday morning, and i am alone in my shell,
awaiting the day when i must relinquish control
over my material self
... its a good time to think about God :-)

... so i think.... what is happening?... an informed mind needs to know
... and i caan't lie to myself

...i see that i'm spiraling thru some giant interwoven time tunnel,
first spinning on a rotating earth,
then around the sun, the sun around in the galaxy,
the galaxy around in numerous higher level super-galactic structures,
until what? .... who knows for absolute sure?.... we cannot
even comprehend what the shapes of these super-creations are.
... but they all seem to spiral... which is our way of
seeing time pass by the mesmerizing shapes
... if you stare at a spiral long enough, it seems to move inward,
they use that to induce hypnosis in people

... the amazing part of all this, is that we think we are stationary
... a human goes thru his whole day believing that the stage he acts
his life out upon, is a stationary field

... we are spiraling thru space-time, events come to us, and
we create events, we create and receive karma

.... its as if the idea of the earth as a globe, may be only
an optical illusion due to the way our brain structure sees space-time
... other creatures don't see the globe, they see sequences of events

... we know humans are mortal ..... unless there are
some very old people hiding themselves somewhere :-)

... so then... what about this gigantic cosmic setting we find ourselves in?

... what does it mean to be alive?.... are we just animals with
more brain power than the other creations on this rock?

... or are we a higher soul type than our fellow earth critters?

... are we like weeds growing on this planet, groping for some
salvation from the discomforts of it all... salvation from wherever
it may come... hoping that God will somehow allows us to live where It does

... or are we fragments of God itself, just here on earth checking out
the scenery.... to be the eyes and ears of God on earth?

... its like the old image of strands of eternal hair of the Goddess,
woven into a spiral trestle....made up entirely of sequences of
events, stitched together perfectly,
by the magic illusion of the material world

... what is so cool about it,
is that we get to script our own reality
just by dreaming, and making karma


2010 by zentara