karma conciousness

... it almost seems like there is a parallel universe,
a hidden dimension, which we cannot see with our
2 human eyes

... it is where our imaginary selves live .... where
our souls live ... where we wonder "what if", and other
time related questions

... for many, the imaginary world is actually the real world,
because imagineers make their decisions based on perceived
consequences in the invisible world... hard to believe
they would consider their invisible world of more importance
than their mundane physical one

... it is the world of not lying to oneself, because you
are oneself, think the thought... one cannot truly
lie to oneself, the base soul always knows the truth

... in the outside world, we can fake appearance, but not
on the inside, in the imaginary world

... which brings me to ask, which world do you consider
to be your priority?.... is the invisible eternal world
more important?... or is the rock-hard material universe?

... why worry so much about the invisible parallel universe?,
because at most points in space-time, on your chosen path,
it's the invisible universe which brings external events
in your direction


2010 by zentara