corporate free speech

... my thoughts on the supreme court ruling giving
corporations the right to spend unlimited monies
on ad campaigns of all kinds

... first, i thought this will really increase revenues
to the broadcast and cable industries.... all those media
blitzs cost big money
... that might be good, then they can afford to bring us better programs

... second, after the recent economic collapse, and revelations of all
sorts, about all kinds of shenanigans going on in the leadership... the
general public has a deep distrust and disgust with the leadership
... so most media campaigns will be dismissed as the rants and
ravings of special interests who are out to fill their own wallets
... the rule now is don't believe anything you see on TV,
which is politically motivated

... the trouble I see , what it will do,
is play right into the hands of the mind control specialists

... considering that complete free speech allows everything, what is to
stop the psycho-pharamceutical-industrial-healthcare complex from presenting a parade of
sounds and images on television, and other media, which are NOT
designed to promote fair politics; but to induce mesmerizing thoughts
into the veiwers.... thoughts which later could be used to
manipute the public, as if we were a nation of sheep

... complete free speech allows the mind control shephards to sequentially
lay down images, sounds, and ideas of all sorts... into the innocent
minds of young children, as well as the drunk, stoned, tranquilized adult
population, who look to TV as their information source and
connection to the outside world

... i still remember my mother saying:
it has to be true
the government wouldn't allow them to televise it if it wasn't true

... man, she was wrong on that one

... i sure hope the leaders up there, hold on to the american ideals
of maintaining freedom from rule by evil kings,
whether they are corporate, religous, or otherwise

... i believe the only solution is for our leaders to take
vows of poverty, so they will not make laws in order to feather
their own nests

... we will all be equal, when we are equally poor
... the new american fraternity?

... a good solution would be to treat corporations as people,
as by law they are individuals, and limit their campaign spending to the
median salary of an average person in america
... that would be emminently fair

... oh yeah, and if you havn't learned yet, no campaign ads
on credit.... gold on the barrel for them
... those corporate citizens love to go bellyup to avoid paying


2010 by zentara