the zen of peter pan

... so the question really is this:
is it possible for some willful entity to actually alter
the various sets of atoms and molecules,( i.e. the 3 dimensional world of the
present material space-time reality), within a time period so short,
that it seems almost instantaneous to observers

... can this actually be accomplished?

... earn your bread by the sweat of your brow ?.... or can it
be as easy as just wishing for it and waiting?

... the time period involved seems to be the key variable

... it seems we all work toward goals, within the material
world, which involves alot of brow sweating to attain

... sweating physically, mentally, and psychically

... these goals take relatively long times to acheive,
like more than a few seconds

... now what tinkerbell seems to do, is attain goals
instantaneously, and without sweat of any kind

... how do we get that kind of reality working for us?

... i guess humans can do it, but it often takes years
for wishes to be fullfilled, and we often forget we even
wished for it, when it happens :-)

... i guess, the mechanism would be something like dissolving
all material into it's quarks and strings, then recombining
them into anything you want or need .... possibly the ultimate
gift which a human can receive from God?

... it must place an energy strain on the cosmic fields
surrounding the event... is that like magic pollution? :-)

... and i would wonder if we may not be stepping on the toes
of some of the mini-gods?,.... maybe thats the reason for
our sweat from the brow curse of hard labor on earth?

... but I guess if you are given an incarnation, like
peter pan's tinkerbell, or any genie.... you have the right


2010 by zentara