... on the great nfl playoff weekend, i must
say that even though i played some football
in my younger days.... i was never really into it as a player
... it was too painful... but i kept at it anyways, until
the last season was over

... when i look back at it now, the one thing it
really did for me, was give alot of realtime body-2-body
contact, at a martial arts level of energy and danger

... it has greatly enhanced my sense of security, just
knowing how to throw a forearm.... not to mention all the
practice you get falling to the ground

... but as i grow older,
and am starting to think like an 8 year old girl,
my thoughts when viewing the game yesterday was:
i can't believe those guys get paid to play games
as violent as that
.... running into one another with little helmets on

... but then, my old training kicked in and i thought:
don't blaspheme the National Religion

... its all part of the kamasutra .... the great illusion
which keeps more babies being born.... it works in mysterious
ways... but it has something to do with male egos :-)

... compared to the old days of leather helmuts really is funny, that in this litigous society,
players, who are paid millions of dollars per year to play,
... are benched because they are afraid they might get injured
in non-consequential games.... thereby risking losing momentum

... which brings up that great goddess of football... momentum

... momentum is this mysterious entity, who spends her time
on one sideline for awhile, then the other

... part of the excitement of the game is the commentators
arguing over who has the momentum at any one instance

... and wow, how momentum can suddenly shift... such a
fickle goddess....and why do we worship and seek her?
... watchers spend the game trying to mentally force momentum
changes in the games from the confines of their living rooms
... what an odd form of praying
... its called rooting for your team

... is momentum luck?, does luck bring momentum?
... is the male ego, essentially a luck generator?
... do the gods actually intervene in games?

... i did learn one profound thing from my football
experience on earth... winning dosn't really matter
... it may actually be a hiderance

... what counts, is just being part of the game of being alive

... you learn that by being a loser... so the old adage:
the losers now shall later to win,
has very deep meaning

... winners tend to spend their lives luxuriating in
ego-massaging memories of victory... instead of kicking
themselves in the ass for losing

... it's that self-ass-kicking, which we all do, that makes
us struggle and become winners in the fight for happiness


2010 by zentara