who do voodoo? we all do voodoo

... the Robertson remark, about the earthquake in haiti
... that it was something to do about a deal with the Devil,
hundreds of years ago, by the slaves in haiti... a deal to
unbind their slavery to the French

.... it is really something to talk about

... first off, I had an unusual event occur for
me psychically.... i had a premonition of the
quake, in a very broad general way.... as if the
goddess just swept by and whispered in my ear: rock and magma dance

... early in the day, a few hours before the quake, I got
the unstoppable encounters of the 3rd kind urge to investigate
plate techtonic sublimation rates.....
i just got obsessed with plate tectonics.... that was the whisper
in my ear from the goddess... a courtesy warning broadcast to
all creatures, to warn of the event.... dogs pick up the
warning thru low freq rumbles about 15 sec before the actual event
... humans get it a few hours ahead

... when i first heard of the quake, my honest first reaction
was: wow, some voodoo doctor's curse sure backfired, i can't
believe the gods would get that nasty

... but then the reality dawns on you.... you realize that
it is just that those poor people had no place else to go,
on the overcrowded island, other than the side of a mountain
volcano, and live in rickity sheds

... so it kind of looksbad, like Robertson is justifying their impoverished
state, because they made a deal with the devil, so they are evil anyways
... a typical colonial mindset
... on the flip side, a considerable deal must have been made
with the Devil, by the 19th century colonialists,
to allow quilt-free slavery and exploitation of foreign lands and peoples

... maybe they would be better off in simple igloo type structures?

... its ugly to say, but having too many babies leads to big trouble
... i know its against their beliefs,
but birth control would help out alot down there

... the one thing to really ponder longterm in all of this is:
What would happen if a sunami was generated there,
and headed toward the N.American mainland?


2010 by zentara