the radio-brain

... i see a clear distinction bewteen the material and non-material world
... you almost have to, by definition
... it's like elementary set theory... here and not here, inside and outside

... the elementary natural set form ... the sphere ( a 3d circle)
.... or should it be a drop?... because a droplet is what actually
takes shape, when perfect little spheres, enter the atmosphere
under the effects of gravity

... reminds me of that Theolinous S. Monk story...his middle name
was Sphere, because his parents thought anyone that cool couldn't
be square

... i made my HS geometry teacher laugh one day, when he challenged
me to stand up and define a cube... i replied: its a 3 dimensional square
... he had to agree

... i would name my child Spinning Wave, to be kind, but i could
have gone with Hyberbolic Cosine

... anyways, this is all coming in on Planet Joe, where my brain
receives inspiration from the muses out there

... yeah, didn't you know? Your brain is actually like a radio receiver
that receives messages from creatures of all kinds ... you need
to tune to the right cosmic wavelength, and all sorts of information
can be received

... since most of the messages are from the non-material world, it
seems that it can transcend time,
...but the current physical model claims coincidence
... i think the current physical model is lacking

... i seldom feel alone, but people think i'm crazy

2010 by zentara