the human trap

... to those on the path, i must leave warning of the trap,
the one that most humans fall prey to

... it seems that life's events encourage humans to get angry, retaliate,
and send bad vibrations out to the world at large .... refrain from
doing this.... always set the context for your events, to be
gratefulness for being alive,
and all things and events are for the cosmic good

... the reason for this is eventually, you will need to put up
a psychic defense shield around your existence.... for it to be
truly effective, it must be impenetratable.... that means all
energies sent your way are reflected back to the source,(which is cool)

... this also forces your enemies to like you.... so watch out for people
who hate themselves ;-( ... think about it

....the unforseen consequence(trap) is that everything you send OUT,
inevitably gets reflected back to you.... so all the psychic destruction
you sent out, get reflected right back to it's source, you

... the trap, is that when you are young, you think you can get away
with sending out bad vibes and violence, but eventually the shields go up,
and all your sh*t gets blown back into your face.... then you learn.....
only radiate thoughts of peace and happiness, and only peace and happiness
are returned

... God attempts to teach us the magical existence, as preparation for returning
to the non-material realms.... we can't be let into the heavens if we still have the
nasty habit of sending out bad vibes... it's kindergarden level magic

... i personally believe this is the deep rooted source of various illnesses, and
ultimately is the psychosomatic link


2010 by zentara