the existential astronaut

... it's like that old existential saying:
We are all on death row, we've all been sentenced to death.

... i feel like a psychic astronaut... on the launch pad
here on earth.... awaiting countdown to that inevitable
moment when you die, and are launched into the unknown oneness,
the great cosmic ocean out there

... nobody knows for sure, what awaits after that moment occurs

... we all believe different , but similar things, about an afterlife,
that ultimately will be eternal.... it may take a few tries off of the launchpad,
but eventually everyone must launch

... what mystery awaits us?... the truth will finally be revealed
to each and every soul... its very exciting to contemplate actually

... the problem with the current launch system, is that it sends too
many people out unhappy

.... the goddess wants everyone to be happy as they leave,
... it gets back to God if too many legitimate complaints are made,
and that reflects on her beauty in the eternal worlds

... i wonder what planet i will land on? i hope my free will
has a say in it, when my transfer pod arrives :-)

i really want to go to a world where the spirit of God still
rules the planet completely... like perelandra or krishnaloka
... but i know God is going to put me where i need to be

4327654, 4327653, 4327652, 4327651.........


2010 by zentara