a moment of true insanity

... was talking to an old Maltese schoolfriend
about the heroics on Malta, defending
it during WW2.... like the seige of stalingrad heroics

... when i woke up this morning, a great PBS show
was on about slow-mo photography of hummingbirds

... i thought: wouldn't it be sweet to be as smart
as a human, but be able to move around like a hummingbird?
... i thought that's what angels must be like

... then the great rulers of the universe interjected
into my thoughts: that for my arms to be in front of me,
twirling 88's, and for me to see where i was going, my
head would need to be turned 180 degrees
... ouch, i thought, that would hurt, if not kill me

... they replied: don't tread on angel territory, puny human

... then it dawned on me, while doing some tai chi, if i keep
my arms linear, straight outward to the sides, and do 88's, my balance is
perfectly kept, and i can keep my head on straight

... furthermore, for efficiency of muscle usage, instead of 88's,
i could do circles, either forward or backwards, and i could
gain fine control over the circles by just flipping my wrists

... i would be flying like a falcon, maybe the much sought after
Maltese Falcon.... have i discovered the Maltese Falcon?

... i fly where my imagination takes me

... like i said: an insane, but harmless, moment of dream-like
connections, in the hyper-stimulated event and information flow,
of modern culture


2010 by zentara