persona's of the gods

... for humans, god's need to have faces, and we have
been taught that we were built as a mirror image of God,
which evokes the human face and form

... so what do i see in my internal crazy reality?

... first, we are material creatures, consisting of atoms

... but the higher creatures are non-material, they transcend time
... they are creatures existing in the eternal thought process, who can
observe and take action at any point in time, on each of
our human timelines... affecting events by manipulating
inner-space dimensions, of which we sense, but can't fathom
it's workings

... we can only surmise they stay in existence
for the sheer pleasure of serving the Great Originator
of all conciousness, and some hope to evolve into one of them

... and their job is manifesting events for our human timelines

... the earth goddess has been well represented in art
... almost certainly she is a feminine creature
.... the warm ocean waters best represents
earth from a distance

... the sun, is a big party of high energy mini-gods who live in the
plasma form... watch out, these are the ones who throw mysterious lightening bolts
and create events involving alot of energy in a small time.... power, mostly males

... the planets have their weird lifeforms too, some like their thoughtspaces cold
and dark

... it gets interesting when you get to the milky way, the great guardian rama,
defender of the goddess, rama's a male form.... he brings the great spiral swirl,
which us earthings ride, as guests of the goddess
... so the earthgoddess(yin, female) sits happily if the valley of the galaxy(yang, male)

... then ultimately, the galactic lord rama, serves at the pleasure
of the Ultimate Source, which is both male and female and the same time, no preferred sex

... what does it all mean?.... i'm still not sure
... at first i thought it was some sort of test of the soul,
but now i think it was a gift from God to see what the material world
is really like.... sort of like a vacation to experience the warm
waters, and beautiful airs of the blue marble planet

... what wen't wrong? i hear there is only room for 144,000 in the evacuation pods
( always leave them with the fear of the unknown :-) )

... finally, the movie Avatar has sparked a memory in me... maybe it could
be made into a similar movie... a book called Perelandra by C.S. Lewis

... in it, a new Adam and Eve, exist on a virgin Venus, and a rocket is launched
from earth, with an evil character with corporate contracts needed to be signed by Adam and Eve,
so earth could exploit the resources of Venus

... the hero, named Ransom, is magically transported there by God, to
advise the innocent guardians of the new planet, to avoid making
the same mistake earthlings made when it was still magical, pure, and holy.


2010 by zentara