zen of suicide bombings

... i don't get to read much anymore, so i don't know
what the infuential intellectual magazines are saying these days
about the ethics of suicide bombings

... i was familiar with martyrdom, having being brought up as a
Roman Catholic altar boy.... i have since moved onto zen with a heavy
eastern emphasis...like buddha, krishna, the gods of various

... now i have to assert, that it is a myth, that any suicide
bomber will get 70 virgins and automatic entrance into heaven

... if you blow only yourself up as a protest, it is ok ....
but you go to Hell if you take anyone unwilling with you...
you commit murder of those souls

... monks of various persuations have been committing
ritual protest suicide as a way to force raising the worldwide
conciousness of some injustice.... but they never take others
with them.... it is a solo act

... you would have much better effect on world opinion,
and be able to show your greivance on the world stage, if
you would schedule a press conference, tell the world that
you will explode yourself on camera as a protest before
man, God, and the entire cosmos .... public opinion
shudders at murder, but is deeply impacted by suicide

... if you take other innocents with you, your soul
must pay for their elevation to heaven
... if you take money to do it, and it kills innocents,
it is blood money that is cursed forever

... life is good, even for a crippled old monk, here in
the Western civilization... compared to what misery it could be
.....but i could see many scenarios where
i would blow myself up on tv as protest... no worthwhile cause yet, but
you never know, maybe space aliens will land and start eating
humans.... and i will need to blow myself up to protest...
....would you?


2010 by zentara