old memories, cold dreams

... instantaneous reality
... the accidents are happening all over the city,
on the slipperry day here in metro detroit ... the one down side
of living around here ... icy conditions in el nino winters

... back to dream reality
... the el nino summer is great around here
... maybe next summer we'll get another nino

... heard the whales are moving into the waters
off of california, probably due to the increased
mini-shrimps growing in large schools out there,
... growth due to the warmth brought by el nino

... so it appears lots of support for continued el nino's
... i say yeah! from here in the upper midwest

... what will the long term weather bring?... that's what
really wwwwooorrries me, and almost awakens me from my
cabin-fever-stone-cold dream

... i was visited today, with my first great temptation in life:
... so tempting a temptation, i grunted

... it was an offer from the earth goddess for my soul to stay here on earth
thru the next ice age cataclysm, as her valued guest from God, undercovers with her in the icy glistening cave

...so as to assist the rebuilding when the ice diminished... and when that was
done, i could return to the Lands of God

... God says its up to me, but observes that i may fall prey
to powers i may not understand, and may lose my way into some terrible
karmic territory ... alot of kamasutra going on there :-)

... it's like being promised the life of a greek mini-god for 100 thousand
years, as a farewell present from the earth goddess .... like a
graduation gift for my soul

... it's the ultimate schoolboy fantasy
... being the love consort for the hottest female incarnation
which you can possibly imagine

... so let me think...let me think
... so i'm gonna die anyways, so when my soul reaches
the afterlife, i :

... 1. stay within the protection of the earth
goddess, providing her with swirl and luck as God's conduit

... or 2. i could move on now, direct on the path to the Lands Of God

... it seems to me, the memories are good enough,
but the pain has been greater than the pleasure,

... so i'm in a quandry, what do i really seek?
....... relieve from the suffering and woa's of earth?
....... or do i seek a world where there is no longer a
need for the birth-death cycle?

... do i seek the pleasures and wonders of earth?
... do i still seek attachment to the material world?
... or do i have the balls to go totally non-material?
... i do, is what they tell us to say :-)

... something to ponder on this cold dreamy day in my snow den

... the football season ended today, and it reminded me of
the old adage:
the losers now shall later to win
... i finally figured it out, as a result of dealing with
the memories of losing big games in high school
... eventually the lesson to learn is that:

winning dosn't matter in the eternal scheme of things,
and the sooner you figure that out, the happier you will be

... but if you want to win, you need peace, happiness, and luck


2010 by zentara