40th reunion of an all boys high school

... went to my 40th High School reunion yesterday

... it was a christian all-boys school
in innercity detroit, just at the time of the riots back in 67

... everyone seemed very happy, which is a very good indicator, soul-wise
and portends well, for all who were there together

... brought together by the odd synchronicity that had us born

... we all came thru that timeline-pipe back then, together,
... the cathedral excursion cruise of earth

... i was probably the only one who wasn't a great success
of one sort or another
... me, just a poor crippled monk seeking the
path to enlightenment

... but i was well respected by all, thank you

... i was sorry to hear of the passing of one of the teaching brothers,
Brother Edmund,
... most of the classmates dreaded listening to him because
he was always talking about some sort of Martin Buber ideology about
love and peace, whilst society was pressurrrrring us all about getting drafted
and sent to Viet Nam

... there was one saying he gave to his students, which has become
associated with him in my memory, forever,

... and may he be elevated to librarian in the great hall of eternal knowledge
for bringing it to my attention

... anyways, his kick-ass saying was:
if you understand, no explanation is needed
if you don't understand, no explanation is possible
... i finally figured it out, a few years back whilst meditating on mortal existence

... you must radiate only peace and happiness, because it all gets reflected
back to you, by the karmic teaching process

... and i suppose that is what life is all about, isn't it?

... i was pushing my visions on anyone who cared to listen
... my visions of a new paradigm of riding the Time wave in 11 dimensional space

... our class valedictorian pointed out that we are dreams of our own selves,
and can send thoughts back in time.... to which i whole heartedly agreed, and
almost restarted the eternal debate on free will and projecting thoughts
to the future... but there was so much else to talk about :-)

... the spirit-minded wife of our class president really understood
what i was saying, and i her... and she advised me to use the term
manifest, instead of magic, when describing my 3rd eye visions
... something i will remember forever.... so i found a gem

... all i can say is it was great, and sort of fullfills a great milestone
in our collective destinies.... finally glimpsing the actual path of your fellow
learners, after 40 years of wondering

... and of course, i would not be honest if i did not secretly ask myself:
for whom the bell tolls
... but i did, and it might toll for me, so should i ponder further?... no!

... and that brings me to value of the education we all got there from the
good old Christian Brothers: the mental faculties to be able to contemplate
the unthinkable thought, and not go bezerk

... they propped me up onto the shoulders of the fabled giants, so i could learn to see


2010 by zentara