full body scans or the fly list

... i live in the landing paths for planes in Detroit
... the recent failed bomber could have rained fire on my camp

... so i ask, do people have the RIGHT to demand single-day worldwide travel?
... do they have the right to demand any international travel, except on foot?
... what to do? .... invasive full body scans or exclusive fly lists

... the easiest and cheapest solution is the Fly list.... if you are not on the list
you don't fly.... that would send international air stocks down

... if you are not on the list, you can't fly into N. America, instead
you take a luxery cruise liner, which takes about 10 days...that would
send cruise shipping stocks up
... if you can't take the time for the cruise, then stay home
... if enough people went back to cruising the Atlantic and Pacific
the ticket prices probably would get to be cheaper than air fares
... that is the way it was back in the 1950's

... invasive body scans have a bunch of problems... like seeing
your ugly body naked... or possible effects from whatever radiation
they will use, if any
... and even though they claim your privacy is safeguarded by whiting
out areas, you and i both know, the raw data will be there somewhere
in the system.... and it wouldn't be ethical of the intelligence agencies
to not gather data from it

... i'm lucky i hardly ever fly
.... but i do worry about debris falling from the skies

... and it has to be dealt with, because eventually, they will be
hiding bombs up their butts, or having them surgically implanted
.... so by then Cat Scans will be needed for all boarding

... which brings up the juicy question... if they have money to
put Cat Scans at all airports.... wouldn't that money be better
spent for Scanners at health care clinics?

... so i leave this for historians( if any are there to search the big databases )
as a peek into the realities we are dealing with, in the forced return to more natural lives,
... as global warming and the overpopulation bomb simultaneously explode

... those are my thoughts, sorry if i offended your holiday sensibilities


2009 by zentara