again, the zen of anti-gravity

... man, i feel heavy on my bones...just way too much fat and excess muscle

... i pray to God, dear lord please lift this heaviness off of these bones

... God says back: quit eating, your molecular mass will decrease, you will be
less in the material world, and gravity will lessen for you.... just don't eat
so what is natural for you where you easy can it get?

... i reply: isn't there an easier way?.... like a magic spell that
would make just my molecular mass less susceptible to gravity, so i
would feel light on my feet?.... and nobody else would ever know :-)... a miracle
... this civilization makes money off of people eating, so you know
it is full of karma problems

... God replied: eat your cornbread and mung bean soup

... i did, and now my pants are getting too big

... i asked God about seeking pure breatharian status, where we all
can just live off of God's free energy alone

... God replied: not on this planet

... i asked: why?...and received no reply

... i'm afraid i may start eating ice cream again....please, someone save me :-)


2009 by zentara