life is more than numbers

... in defense of the schoolkids of detroit... in the
shepard smith incident where he said he would self-destruct
rather than let his kids go thru the detroit school system
... because 7 out of 10 tests showed them to be totally guessing
at math in 4rth grade test scores....but probably generally
true for all grades.... you just learn to cheat better in
the upper grades. :-)

... first of all... you can get by pretty well in life
not knowing how to do long division by hand

... most measuring devices have marker lines that anyone
can understand

... the question really is... what are those 7 out of 10
math dimwits doing to occupy their brain time?.... maybe playing street ball
and getting in good physical shape?.... maybe developing the
side of the brain that dosn't do math well?....learning
to love chicks.... i remember being in 4rth grade and all
i could think off was looking up the schoolgirl's skirts
... and even then i could tell the difference between a 10 and a 1 :-)

... and maybe...just maybe... one day, that more muscular adult, pulls
you to safety or otherwise enhances your life..
.... they couldn't count but they could see you just fine

... what is the solution?... well DUH !! .... maybe the way we
evaluate kids is wrong... maybe kids with too much excessive energy
for sit-down schoolwork, could be put into more of a physical training
class... get them lifting weights...doing yoga...etc... then when
they ask how to count know they are ready for some
training in the math-side of the brain
... i, myself, never really understood math, until i was stuck in a tipi
with a book on calculus, one winter when i was about 25
... up until then...i was essentially just cheating by cramming for tests ... they teach too fast.... you need time to consider the concepts ( laying in a tipi for a winter :-) )

.... but remember....counting better, will NOT get you to heaven,
so maybe we should lighten up on people who are not good at math
especially when they are young.... i seem to recall that even Einstein was
a flunk out in grade school

... there is more to this world than numbers...numbers only help us describe it


2009 by zentara