popcorn is the manna from heaven

... the manna... the stuff the jews claimed the gods poured out of the
skies for them, keeping them alive in the desert... was popcorn
... no lie

... the corn goddess has made such a beautiful self-storing food unit

... this little dry kernel, which will stay fresh for many years
in a nice cool dry space.... then it pops up into this tasty fluffy
stuff, that you can flavor with olive oil, salt, and honey

... even put dried cheeses into it

... you can even run the popped corn, thru a food processor,
and add it to whatever for a healthy filler... like in popcorn bread

... i have recently taken to grinding the popcorn for flour for bread

... and its cheap.... like $25 bucks for 50 pound sacks
... i'm on my knees in thanks to the old corn goddess.... one of the
old ones who survived the last ice age .... possibly even surviving even
complete techtonic plate disruption... the old ones... they stay invisible to us

... i read the legend myself, henry rowe schoolcraft wrote it all down

... the corn goddess descended from the sky, like in a strange balloon/craft,
and brought corn for the people to live in symbiosis with.... we take care
of the corn, and the corn feeds us

... popcorn is a great survival food, considering its as good as fresh
bread, if you eat it quickly after popping
...i like hot-air popping

... i believe it is possible to survive quite well on popcorn and mung bean sprouts

... it also makes cool ornaments for christmas trees

... if any of the old ones out there can read this, i love the peaceful weather,
and wish them well in their endeavors, whatever they may be

...and my gift is eternal praises for earth's popcorn


2009 by zentara