the zen of global warming

... my entire life has been preoccupied with the credible stories
of monks in the frigid himalayas, who can generate infrared heat
... enough heat to melt the snow around them
... it connects with the legend of shangri-la, sub-nuclear physics,
religion, and karma, all simultaneously
.... the psycho-somatic link, and who controls it
... i know the gods watch it's use, and they are supposed to
allow us the exercise of free will

.... not credible to you?... people can adapt to the cold,
and their bodies will start to get hotter in response to
the cold... these yogi monks have taken it to the point
of pure perfection... at least on the path to it... who
knows what kind of energies can be generated?

... as a matter of practicality.... i don't really even need
to heat a house.... a tight igloo will warm and shelter you
enough to survive... if you keep your mucklucks on ;-)

... but you do need to keep the water/well warm, so you
have water... so a minimum of about 40 degrees F
is needed in a tiny well house... a man or a few kids
could pedal a bicycle powered generator a few hours per day
to keep the well from freezing, by heating a water jacket
around the pump
... and most people prefer a flush toilet, so there is another
heated room .... but really not that much

.... i keep my humble abode at about 50 degrees F... for me
its a good deal....i don't get too hot and sweaty... you can always
layer on/off hooded sweatshirts... use sleeping bags...which
are easy to get and cheap... keep them aired out in the sun
on sunny windy days...the biggest enemy is condensation....
keep your stuff dry...air out often

... staying cool is way healthier for you

... oops, i forgot global warming is about it getting too hot,
.... one's need is to stay cool... i wonder if the yoga
can be used to generate coolness, by dumping excess heat into
the Great Void.... interesting question

... but have no fear... warming eventually triggers a planetary
setpoint for oceanic protection.... if it gets too hot, too much
water in the atmosphere from evaporation.... then it starts to
blow off into space, from the blast of the solar winds, and the
earth responds with ice... to hold the water tight to herself

... an ice age.... so now you know why i always was fascinated
by monks who could generate their own warmth....preferrably from
freely available energies from our river of sub-dimensions

... think how much difference a few degrees makes in your health?
... if you arn't near 98.6, you usually don't do well

... that is the one reason i prefer cold weather can always
layer clothes to adjust for varying degrees of cold.... but for heat,
you need active cooling like a wind or water.... i really like the
hot weather if you can stay in pools half of the day :-)

... one other advatage to cold weather, is no bugs! ... i love the first frost :-)


2009 by zentara