tiger woods jury duty

... suddenly, like a bolt from heaven.... tiger woods
goes on public trial for having mistresses... and by virtue
of wide media coveraage, we, are all forced to witness
the lesson.... now what is that lesson?

... i for one have to admire tiger woods, for forcing
the gods to finally decide for the world, whether having
mistresses is bad.... i mean the gods ultimately control the future,
so as this plays out, it will be their ruling on the matter
... the matter of pure sexual fidelity in marriages.... like is having
mistresses or misters OK?, if it satifies the needs
of the love-starved people?.... or is it a bigger problem
in general... where people who are on the road constantly,
will resort to any nice looking port they find?

... the french idea of having 1rst mate, 2ond mate, 3rd mate, etc.
seems fine with me.... but i do not fully understand the jealousies
involved.... having been a loner all my life

... the kamasutra ( book of love from around 5 thousand years
ago ) describes a whole, happy, and functioning society, where
it was all ok for the people to have dalliances, and to mess around
... it all originated from a civilization in indonesia, which existed when europe was still inhabited by bison-herders
.... and mr woods claims himself to be blasian, which would connect
his soul into that time strand

... the rules i was given was : its ok, as long as you keep
disease and unwanted babies out of it

... but now, tiger has forced the gods to finally rule on this matter
... we will see how it all plays out for them

... i really wouldn't be a good person, if i didn't wish them well,
so their children can be proud of them, off into eternity
... but they are writing the script themselves, each of the players
... each of them, are wrestling with the gods in their minds, as you read this

... but i can't objectively sit by as a juror on this case,
because i'm jealous of his top of the line wife... and can't
....i can't stop my testosterone from affecting my judgement :-)

... your honor, i humbly submit this request to be excused


2009 by zentara