to save humanity?

... i heard a jazz song this morning where the lyric went:
every child is born to save humanity, ask any 4 year old

... i thought: there are 2 possible ways to take that

... the first context, is the conventional western way of thinking
in terms of souls, like jesus, allah or buddha or whoever you want,
will somehow be waiting for you at death's door... to save us

... the second, is in more materialistic rock hard terms, of preventing
human extinction... like from a massive planetwide catastrophe

.... it's like jesus supposedly is to save your soul at the time
of death, whearas hilary swank saved humanity by coring to the
center of the earth and setting off blasts, essentially a suicidal mission
.... a kama kazi for earth

... what does that have to do with me?.... nothin...nothin...
... in the first context, no humanity savin going on around here boss
.... not good career-wise to do much real humanity saving
.... you get stomped out right away
.... spreading the message is still allowed, so the path is still visible,
to those who seek .... anyways, the devils know how to punish the wicked way better than me
... so its every soul for themslves, when you pop out on the otherside,
run fast for the sea, then swim fast to deep water.... my little turtles

... in the second context... sure... to some degree

... i subjectively submit the evolution of the human race has evolved to the point
that enough are attaining enough ininite thought awareness due to brain evolution,
that the experiment with their genetic strain should continue on .....

... besides... a peaceful life on earth is a great vacation from the
stresses of life in vast cosmic ocean, so keeping this outpost going is wise

.... so God, if you ever need a kama kazi for earth.... someone
.... to jump into that tear in spacetime
.... to be devoured by the black hole in order to destroy it
.... to plug the hole in the dyke with my finger

... i'll do it.... i'm getting old and tired anyways ;-)


2009 by zentara