a guy thing

.... it's sort of considered taboo to discuss the
body language of women

... they are weird, but predictable

... sometimes they look at you, sometimes not
... sometimes they smile, sometimes not

... they almost always stare at you when you are unaware

... they almost always talk behind your back

... they almost always want you to do something for them
......and that is usually good for us, because upon completion,
they often return favors.... and doing all that stuff
usually involves improving the home den... so it works out
good for us in the long run .... we would all be living in forts
and tin shacks if it wasn't for women

... am i gay?.... no ...if i had to choose 1 survival buddy
to be stranded with forever on a desert island... it would be a chick,
not some dude....

...yeah, my choice: a sandy blond who rides a bicycle on country roads
( however, whomever the goddess chooses to incarnate as,
is hunky dory with me ;-) )


2009 by zentara