the river's flow

... it finally dawned on me today, where the real progress
may be in the large hadron collider experiment

... sure, busting apart entities into smallness is
enlightening ( i always liked firecrackers ) :-)
...but... the real information we seek is flowing
right down there in the sub-material dimensional universe

... if i was on alpha centuri, and wanted to communicate
to other intelligences which may be out in that
milk shake galaxy .... that swirling ball of ice cream out there
... i would be somehow modulating some basic entity like the neutrino,
some string or quark, or whatever..... but down at a level
where material energy dosn't limit their time travel,
we are locked into time in our unkin funlimited world

... maybe the sensors of the lhc should be recorded over time,
and analyze it to see if there are patterns

... i remember when the microwave engineers accidently discovered
the 3 degree background radiation of the galaxy
... that was only 50 years ago...i still remember what big
news that was

... the bigger surprise to me, was: why wasn't it expected in the first place?

.... might not there be predictable ebbs and flows which
naturally occur at the sub-dimensional level?
... and can we record them with the advanced lhc instruments?
... and can we learn to detect meaningful clues in any patterns we
can record?

... can the sensors there see my neutrino emmissions if i wave?

...where does all this jibberish come from?
... i had a dream this morning, where someone from thought
space intruded and said: my hyperdrive launch got screwed up
and i'm lost in space-time... help me return

... i may be crazy.... but this is no lie


2009 by zentara