vampires r us

.... even as i migrate toward pure vegetarianism, in a macrobiotic way,
.... i too, suck the life essences out of the great american fields,
.... the pure cold pressed oil of the wheat germ
.... the goddess tells me that the wheat loves to be ingested by humans
.... she also says most any cold pressed grain oil will do as well
.... but the wheat is well suited for the cold climates of the upper midwest
.... so i feel good about it

.... it is sort of a soul sacrifice, in which the wheat willingly participates
.... just as a good dog would selflessly sacrifice itself for it's master

.... i don't believe in blood sucking vampires, as is popular in the movies now,
.... but i do believe in psychic vampires.... watch out... they may be in your mind
.... right now .... stay vigilant in your thoughts.... the psychic vampires
.... may be sucking off your happiness .... learn to fight them off

.... i guess the search is to find the way to true breatharianism
.... where we just live off of the infinite energy of God


2009 by zentara