happy thangsgiving

dear God,

... i was wondering today, what do i have today to be thankful for,

... first off, i'm glad i live where the lakes,
rivers and swamps don't have crocodiles in them
... ditto for Polar bears

... second, i have alot of fresh water available

... third, i have plenty of food, probably too much food

... fourth, no bugs most of the time, but i always have to keep
a good insect net available, big enough to cover a picnic table

... fifth, a safe place to camp, and electricity to cook with,
so i don't need outdoor cooking fires

... sixth, a nice dry tent, preferrably under a picnic shed roof
( now that is luxery :-) )

... seventh, music and entertainment..( don't stop the carnival ;-) )

... well, thats it master conciousness, the real goodness i experience

...your humble agent on earth,
joe the sasquatch

p.s. ... i know its not polite to enter the house of the master, and complain,
but could it be possible to have less tv commercials?


2009 by zentara