brain time

... it dawned on me, in some profound way this morning, that
the brain is our way of seeing Time

... without our brains sensing the change, between then and now,
we would become static, like plants

... once the then and now, are taken care of in the
innercore of the brain....the snake stem... the limbic region ... then we can ponder the when in the expanded regions

... and when also connotes what and where,
since we live in the material world

... with when, then we can consider if's and probabilities

... life gets complicated all of a sudden ;-)

... and any thoughts left are devoted to the why of it all

... since we are all emanating a constant neutrino flux, we
also leave an indelible record in the akashic record, which is
visible by the those who can see it.... i.e. the gods
... eat more bannanas... they help stimulate neutrino emmissions :-)


2009 by zentara