my first words to God

... my last thoughts are: oh no, this is finally it
... my first thought to God is: man, was i lucky not to get trapped on earth
God laughs .... and thinks goo goo gah to me, and laughs somemore...:-)

... this is a weird existence isn't it?... knowing that one day one must die
... and there is nothing you can do about it except to try and
escape the thought of it,
or contemplate it long enough to deal with the fear

... either way... the mind adjusts
... look at me... :-)

... me mediatates onward to complete the loop

...oO( i think googoogahgah is some god-level language word set that we remember,
and pass on instinctively , generation to generation )
...oO( i know bwahaha is God laughing ;-) )


2009 by zentara