thanks mr wood

... i saw the 2 pbs shows (with the bbc i presume), on
India and Shangri-la.... those are 2 of the best shows
i've seen in awhile

.... thanks to you and your camera crew for making those treks,
and telling the real story

... it seems nowadays, that the game of life is some sort of
video game, where you earn credits, and spend them, all the
while trying to dodge death...which comes in the mystical forms
of accident, disease, and old age

... an age limit had to be put on all of us, so our regenerative
processes would fail after so many years... so that no one
would stay here in the material world too long... else, they would
become rulers..... by the time you are old and wise enough to
see how the magic works, .... then you become too powerful on
earth by virtue of being the oldest, wisest, and most knowledgable
as far as making the magic go... at that if you see
a barely clad monk sitting under the tree, half-starved-gazing
toward the heavens.... he or she may creating great things for you
as you gaze upon .... eye contact is where it all occurs....
some energy/information exchange occurs

... always be nice to grandma.. :-)


2009 by zentara