they're here to save us

.... our ships look like floating submarines ....
.... here to help save God's silver seed
.... get onboard when you see the ships land
.... don't worry, its not a trip to the meat-market

.... is that the longed for rapture?....
.... is that the way off this planet?

.... the 2012 world-ending mania, due to mayan calendar
predictions is hype... the mayan's mistake was engaging
in human sacrifice....their world ended many years ago
.... by 2012 all karma from their deeds was to be deamed over
for their time, not ours

.... we, however, in our modern civilization... are much smarter
..we have abolished the practice of sacrificing humans to the gods
and the gods prefer it that way, they would rather choose themselves
from the entire human pool, and take them thru accidents...
.... it dosn't thrill the gods to do this, but they have their
business to do.... way bigger picture stuff, that us humans
can't understand

... our civilization's problem is how it is creating self-extinction
thru planetary rape

... so remember, when the floating submarine lands near you, go get onboard.... they will save your as* ;-)


2009 by zentara