the sex of the universe

... was wondering if the head conciousness and eternal dimensions of the universe is male or female?
... i mean should i be sitting in fear of some wrathful man, or
hopping into the sack with the goddess?
... when i meditate or pray, is it a male or female i should envision?

... my thoughts?... the yin(female) is all absorbing, whereas
the yang(male) is heat.... the coolness absorbs the heat...
the coolness desires the heat, to just absorb it,

...and as well, the heat needs to be quenched

me?... i am an interesting form of cold energy....
sort of a cold fusion, so to speak,
the coldness repels me, but i know that i must go thru
the absolute coldness.... not just zero...absolute zero
... and quite probably beyond into dimensions which go
undetected by our limited is all
over the place in thought space... so i learn to love the
coldness.... to prepare myself for the final day here on mother earth

.... the only self-defined unlimited thing we have is our thoughts,
it is your thought space.... if you can conceive the thought,
you have started creating reality and have karma

... we just get a glimpse into the pure conciousness of God
... but once you experience it, you become a junkie for it
....gotta connect...gotta connect

think wisely....because everything, comes back to bite you in the karmic ass
it's always a big loop in time

live simply....because it makes living more truthfully and honestly possible

.... oh, yeah... God said that at It's level, the notion of sex is not neccessary,
because gods( It's designees) appear as you desire them to be...they connect anyway pleasant for you
.....and they do enjoy the images we broadcast from our imaginations

... i wonder if i'm suffering from the endocrine disruptors in the pollution out there? ;-)
.... or was it that show on Bernini and the saint theresa sculpture early this morning?

wow... my old history teacher, Mr. Garlicki(greatest teacher ever) told us about
the old church of centuries ago.... i was an altar boy too ;-)


2009 by zentara