the volcano test

... in the thought line of somehow assisting the magma goddess
... keeping herself hot,
would you jump into a moltent volcano, to save humanity?

... you know, like the old movies show... Joe and the Volcano,
... its sort of a jesus test, for those of you who see
life as hanging on a cross....would you sacrifice yourself
to save humanity as you know it?... or would you rather just
live out your little life and hope the problems goes away?

... say for instance, it became known that the magma
goddess, needed a companion, to help keep her hot...and
in doing so, keeps the great shield up, protecting the
earth ( and us, your fellow humans ) alive, protected
from the wrath of the solar and galactic forces

... and if she cools down too much, too much it will
probably mean that all this stuff, up here above ground
will stop....only deep ocean creatures will survive

... would you jump into a volcano to stop it, by making
yourself a soul-sacrifice ?

... do you find this world, as in a total experience
of your human life...all the steps you walked thru..etc
etc.... to be GREAT, as in you really want to keep doing this
slavery to the earth?

... yeah...back in the days of the hawaiin kings, the best way
to dispose of a body is toss it back into the hot magma for
cremation..... hey...i wonder if that is legal?

... so, would you jump into a volcano, to save the rest of us?
... it is the nature of the jesus test
... back to the moondance


2009 by zentara