my defense system

... i hope this isn't againt some treaty or something :-)

... i wrote a game simulator for programming practice once,
it was like a space blasters game, where you defend the ground
from incoming missles

... i today mused to myself... how would i do that in reality? ...if i had such as system, and
wanted pinpoint computer control over aiming and firing, i
would need a firing base that could maintain it's inertial reference
frame with respect to global coordinates

.... that way, computers could accurately project firings,
and account for stuff like coriolis effects, and other
odd but computer correctable aiming corrections to account for spins
of all sorts

... how would i do that?...hmmmmm.... then a picture
from the master appeared in my mind
... 2 equally massive and counterbalanced counter spinning hunks of solid iron,
reinforced to withstand centrifical forces... acting as both flywheel
and gyroscopes, stabilizing the platform as a whole

... they would be linked by a common shaft, the firing gun itself
would be on a separate platform, aligned with the shaft, and positioned
in such a way, in between, the 2 flywheels

... in order to turn to exact firing position, the firing platform would
tap rotational energy off of the flywheels, one to turn left, the other to
turn right
... the rotational energy tapping mechanism could be as simple
as durable rubber rollers, which are controlled for variable pressure

... i could see the basic concept applied in outer space, or even at high
altitudes, over our lands or open seas, where they could act as
a line of machine guns to just blast away at incoming missles

... they could be dropped out of a high altitude plane in a hurry
..if you know what i mean

... its just a dream from video game land


2009 by zentara