a weird poem

... its just some of those thoughts which
the dreams didn't clearout in their housekeeping

... i was upwind, so i took very little notice,
and little bad karma downwind, from my bicycle tires

... of course, there is the neutrino flux output which
you must intercept as it radiates away from me, it is
how we appear to the entities greater to us

... they like to keep things swirling
...the winds...the waters...and yes, the magma,
which is the great protector of us all, from the
pure wrath of the outer space environment...near
absolute zero, and particle winds to blow the flesh
right off of your bones

... the magma allows the gigantic current flows nessesary
in the planet's core, to make the gigantic (compared to us)
electromagnetic fields, needed to shield us.... the great shield
... we should all be concious of how important those nice shields are
to us... and sort of send our heart best well wishes to the
magma... the Pele goddess... as she is becoming somewhat
unstable, and the shields may go down until the great galactic
god can flip the planet over...to restart the flow

...otherwise, we may have to go back to living in caves
...it may have happened before,around a million years ago,
where 9 or so (according to a pbs show i saw) females
survived such an extinction around that time
... that is the reason, all humans are related...back
to those 9 survivors in africa, way back then

...another interesting correlation, is that in the rock layers,
from around the globe, at roughly each 10000 year interval, the
magnetic alignment of the rock crytalline structure reverses
polar alignment.... north and south are flipping roughly
every 10000 years, ....which by the way is about the time
it takes for the milky way galaxy to complete 1 year in its

..oO( the mayan calendar has a 10000 year cycle )
..oO( the milky way's year is 10000 of our years )
..oO( rock stratas have a 10000 year cycle )
..oO( earth's magma core needs a recharge )
..oO( all sorts of violence and bad karma in the world )
..oO( we are approaching the end according to the mayan calendar )

... will i survive?.... luckily i'm too old to care... i'm heading
off to play with the galactic gods anyways

... my weight has been neutralized


2009 by zentara