my one modest rider

... dear Senators, i know you have pronounced the
what-ever health care bill DOA, but i, as an earthbound monk,
would like to see in the bill, a provision for people
to claim religious exemptions

... i mean there are many sects, who believe that
when its their time to go, its their time to go, and they
DO NOT WANT injections and medical treatments from the quacks
they call doctors nowadays

... i myself, would accept stitches, or stoppage of bleeding,
... but i don't want any of your image scanning, radioactive injections,
or surgeries
... ok, pain killers ain't bad, ;-)... but they are bad in the long run

... what will the longterm consequences of any forced treatments
have on me, in the way my mind may perceive reality,...etc, etc

... it is essential to my belief system, that i should be able to
repair and cure myself... and if not.... i would rather die anyways ...
.... give me a place to sit, and pain pills

... for me, it would be better to help set up KOA camp grounds
for old people to come to, and camp by the pool until nature gently takes them
... at least we can party till we die

... i probably should have died of appendicitis when i was 8...
... from the crappy western diet, possibly ;-)
.... but they kept me alive.... surgically removed it,
... maybe i was meant to die then? God might have said:
this soul shouldn't have to suffer the slings and arrows of
modern western civilization... let him back in now

i missed my spiritual boat
and have had to spend my entire life searching for a new one

... with my newfound wisdom, my body is a magical existence of sorts, that deals
with energies and realities, which are just fairytales in the minds
of the modern western medical establishment
... except maybe for the deep psychoanalytic types like Jung

... people have to face their own karma, without people (who
are getting well paid to do it) demanding they accept some treatments,
while at the same time another arm of society is pushing fast food crap down their gullets,
and telling them its their fault they are sick.

... remember this old one: physician... cure thyself ?

well i would like to reserve the right to seek natural cures, and be my own doctor exemption clause please

... the monk's karma clause ? :-)


2009 by zentara