... the recent army base killings have had me preoccupied with thoughts
... what treachery that is to betray, it is the exact opposite of semper fi

... i asked my teacher for the reason why

... then a bizarre thing happened to me... i had the thought:
i would like to see that movie where leonardo dicaprio is on
a hippy haven beach in Thailand, what was it's name?
....then it comes on yesterday... The Beach
... thank you master

... in the movie, i noticed a very clever lesson being taught:
that each time a lie is told, consequences get woven into the
future that come back to haunt the liar
.. the whole movie is an intertwined set of these karma actions

... i wonder if it sometimes best to tell lies? or not ?
... lies seem very useful at times.... (like the lie that
men are supposed to look clean shaven.. ;-) )

... another interesting anomaly is:
isn't it funny that the quintessential movie for females is Beaches
whearas the same for males is The Beach

... beaches are where the water meets the land in a way conducive
to exit and entry

... life can be a beach, and then you die,
or life can be a bitch, and then you die

... i guess we chose the path we want

... i've been oscillating here... beach,bitch,beach,bitch,beach,beetch,beach,beatch ....

... what i need is psychic bitch repellant, so that as i swing from
beach to bitch, i'm half-wave rectified, and only beach comes thru

... i tend to prefer the path bringing the most internal serenity,


2009 by zentara