performing for the gods and goddesses

... been depressing around here lately
... thoughts of death and dying, its damp and cold, worst combination

... when i awoke this morning, i said to myself:
this is the day...

... the day i stop performing for the humans
... the day i perform for the goddess,
the solar gods, and even the great galactic overseer
... all will view

... i heard the words: get ready
... i closed my eyes
... i saw a rising sun
... a tear of joy rolled down my cheek
... and in my cushioned trampoline seat
... i navigated into a world which i can only
see in my imagination

... i swirled great galaxies into existance,
wiggled like a baby tadpole trying to find cover under rocks,
and wove giant triangles in thought space, which painted an icon of
our earth level of technology

... i was transcendant... but i guess i did ok,
the goddess said: you made it, you are behind a rock

yours truly,
moon man

PS: the goddess gave me the advise: watch out for hard places


2009 by zentara