the new age wheel

...while my mind is on it, i would like to describe the wheel
to be used for my zen dream contraptions

... when most people think electric car, they think of something like
a starter motor mounted to turn the wheels... i think they liked to
use jet engine starters ... good quality motor

... but what you really want is giant stepping motors
... a stepping motor is like an actuator, that works by aligning
the rotor in 360 separate steps, to make 1 revolution

... so with a computer controlling the stepper motor drivers, you
can make the rotor spin at whatever rpm the components can handle

... my dream toy, the electronically controlled gyro stabilized motor
cycle, can ride around all day doing a wheely, and it self balances...
going around corners and stopping at red lights in the wheely position,
takes a bit of getting used to.. :-)

... the only differnce in them, is the power they are designed to
handle... some big rotors, for heavier carts, look like railcar wheels
in weight and sheer beauty

... if only i had a supercomputer.. :-).... is possible, to use a 3 phase rotating magnetic field, to spin a metal cup
rotor, where the rotor's magnetic field is induced into the metal cup
magnetically... thus avoiding the need for commutators to the rotor
... the rotor could actually float free in a magnetic bearing

... avoiding the commutators is a key to simplifying design... even with a powered
rotor, you could feed the real power in thru electrically conductive
bearings, and have some internal computer switch it.... the computer
itself would connect thru a shielded radio link

... the real life dynamics of a 3 phase rotating magnetic field, probably
can only be tested on a supercomputer, or some close observation
in lab experiments... like how to apply a reverse field to slow the rotor
at a specified rate... or to lock the rotors ....or how the pulse shapes
coming thru the switches, affect the field shape... i.e. the power isn't
going to be like smooth grid 3-phase.... the high frequency components
of the pulses will be a hassle....but also may lead to a knowledge of how to
shape magnetic fields , at will, thru computer control.

...sooner or later it will come to these types of design, because
they offer the best control and efficiency

..oo( maybe anti-gravity will make the wheel obsolete :-) )


2009 by zentara