Go-Cart v.2.0

...on my morning bike ride, i thought about the military uses
of my earlier inventor idea... especially a new technique to avoid the catastrophic
IED's used as roadside bombs....

.... it seems to me, the strategy of making behemoth armored
vehicles, just makes them more of a sitting duck
... the maginot line of vehicles, so to speak

... whatif, instead of 11 people in 1 vehicle, you have
11 smaller go-cart v.2.0's, that can zig-zag on and off the
path, and constantly change speed.... it would make targetting them
awfully difficult by something as primitive as cell phone calls

... they also could have armaments on them, like 50 cal machine guns on
each side... and since they are computer-controlled, and gyro stabilized,
with roll cage.... they essentially become a pinball near an explosion

... plus only 1 person gets lost if a hit is taken .... a comrade down,
but the pack still runs... ;-)

... the operator would be fed pure air thru a skin diver type air hose, when needed

...the operators would essentially become the new fast light infantry,
replacing the horse soldiers.... who swoop in, zig-zagging and bouncing
along at high rates of speed.... with computer-controlled, sight guided
machine guns ready to blast

... i often worry if thinking about things military will impact my karma....
my answer for now is: there is no stopping the idea whose time has come,
so we may as well be first..... lets use our advanced tech to outsmart the
slow, secretive bravado of the enemy

.... lets move faster and under more control
.... these things could even be remote controlled so as to have a human operator

... the video game of life....


2009 by zentara