my killer go-cart design

... i was watching a pbs show on inventors with the new tech
.... and it got me thinking, what would i do
if given one "advanced project" to build....

... its a go-cart, but you sit in it on air inflated
cushions, (for high-g maneuvers),one below,back, 2sides

it's stability is computer controlled, and
you manually drive it, like a reclining motorcycle,
with palm sensor controls... two big balloon motorcycle
tires under it, with gyroscopes to maintain stability
and balance

... if the reliability of the electronics is in question,
they could have a manual mode, where you need to self-balance,
like in the old days

.... i fear to ride in one myself.... it is only a reality
in my imaginary dancing... so if one day, the goddess allows
this to come into reality, as a toy for adrenaline junkies...
...i warned you.... :-)
... the game would become who could pull the highest g's ;-)
and of course people would pass out....maybe orangutangs could handle it ?
...omg, i'm evolving into a sasquatch, and the orangutang gene is turning on

.... feels so good

i hope i'm not remembered for:
i wouldn't ride in that, i thought it up :-)


2009 by zentara