a soul left out in the cold

..i was listening to my favorite radio show this morning,

... and a song with the words: a soul left out in the cold
... was sung and peaked my interest

i wonder? at what temperature does the soul like it? ...
... i would guess absolute zero, thats totally cool (maybe a possible vvodka brand ;-) )
just from general observations of the way the energy world works

... as a matter of fact, i don't think the soul has a temp
in the material world... our bodies seem to be at a range
we call earth temperature... but there's lots more temperatures
out there....

... what would be the "temperature equivalent" ,in a mass-free dimension?
where the soul travels?.... or any other dimensional set for that matter
... some sort of activity indicator of ambient conditions?

.. another song lyric: everything moves real slow at 40 below
.... as does the aging process, it slows if you can keep cooler
..oO( maybe its just that cold temps gets your fat metabolism going? ) ... i think there is zero resistance to the soul down there at absolute zero
( so drink 2 bottles :-) )

... me, as this body starts to wear out, i intend to concentrate
all my remaining energies into aspects of the soul, as primary guidance

... i think the "great illusion of maya" is identfying with the human body,
as your main identity.... this life is over before you know it

...whereas the only timeless thing you have, is your soul, whatever
that means to you... its like your little invisible diamond


2009 by zentara