more thoughts on electric cars and batteries

... someone told me: you are lucky you dropped out of college,
it kept your mind uncontaminated by the system.. :-)

... i saw a pbs show, called Now, which showed the way the
Danish are going to use the batteries in the electric cars,
to be their emergency reserve capacity for the power grid,

... a genious solution... leave it the Danes and Scandanavians,
to come up with the purely elegant solution... the way the
benign scientists of the Brave New World would do it for
the long term benefit of the people

..oO( i heard swedish girls are very friendly :-) )

... that's a thank you those scientists who have figured this
technical stuff out

... my thoughts today, however, lean toward solving a thing i heard
on a passing tv news blurb, about some new wave generator, to power
realtime charging of the batteries in the new electric cars old ideas
.... alternator of course....too inefficient
we want near 100% efficiency

... the magneto, like they use in airplanes would be a good
choice for backyard inventors... especially with the newer
rare earth magnets available now... their advantage?...they
allow power without having the rotating contacts in generators or alternators
... the drawback is that the rotor magnet, would have to be swapped out with
fresh magnets every now and then
... this same idea applies to simple windmill charging units

.... personally as a fast design solution, I would connect a magneto
to a high speed mini-gas-turbine spinning at 20000 rpm... sure it would
take time to warm up, but you usually would have some battery left to
get you rolling, until the 5 minute warm up passes
... use nitrogen cooled magnetic bearings in the unit...should only need
3 per complete charging unit

... but...if you have the time and can devote some supercomputer time
to do a set of simulations.... we could make a general-purpose combination unit that could
act either as a motor or a generator, depending on how a controlling computer,
would feed giant amperage pulses to either the rotor banks or the stator banks,
thru a set of fast-high-amp switches... essentially generating computer controlled
magnetic fields of very complex shapes, according to a computer algorithm
derived from the supercomputer simulations ( or field test experimentation :-) )
... probably can do nearly ( ;-) ) as good of regenerative braking, as is possible at earth

...well, as one of my old teachers used to say:
if you understand, no further explanation is needed
if you don't, none is possible
(... i hated that guy then, but understand it now ;-) )


2009 by zentara