a lucky halloween

... i knew i was going to have a good day
.... because on my bike ride around the neighborhood
i saw a black cat try to cross my leaf covered sidewalk path

.... the black cat caught glimpse of me, and backed off

... i thought smuggly to the cat:
man you are a smart black cat, on this halloween eve,
not to cross my path
.... and just as i thought that thought, my front wheel
hit a unleveled piece of sidewalk, hidden beneath the
leaves, like a booby trap

... luckily... i usually hold on tight, in case of such
anomalies in smooth flight... as they often occur in this older neighborhood

... then i thought: man that black cat is devious...it faked
me out into believing i was a superior force... only to nearly throw
me off my bike by a hidden trap, which it can deftly pass over with
it's feline footing

.... than God slapped me, and said: no, it walked up to the
hidden obstacle to warn me, then retreated away

...thanks cat.... happy halloween


2009 by zentara