the cultural olympiad

again, I was just listening to a cbc radio2 show, radio2morning,
and the intelligent host commented on how a great singer named feist
is going to play at the something called the cultural olympiad ?

... wow... wouldn't it be great to have an olympic competition
for musicians, bands, and other "experts of entertainment"?
... like college cheerleaders? ... do you know what a talent it is, to jump rope in teams, like poor school kids do?

... i mean discus throwing is cool, but most modern people
(except for rioters) can't relate to it's usefulness
.... if you want people to watch,
you have to have something modern that people can relate to

... ooh,ooh.... a "cirque du soleil" competition, where your
team can present any sort of act they want....including great
singers and trombone players

... yeah, i'm an unemployed circus clown ... i can dream can't i ;-)


2009 by zentara