real justice for war criminals

I was just listening to an cbc radio2 news story about how the
prosecution of war criminals ( so many from everywhere ),
will stop because of insufficient funds to track them down and
prosecute them...

... I offer a cheap solution... just publically humiliate them
like on a TMZ style show... constantly mentioning to the world,
what they did... living in guilt and shame is great punishment
on people.... killing them is giving them the quick and
easy way out....
... and imprisoning them, is often just giving them a safe place
to hide from the karma heading their way, let them die where the world's
energies can get at them

look at OJ.... in my book, he would have
been better off dying early, than to endure the public ridicule

... same with those war criminals

... but also remember... God's justice thru reincarnation is very
cold and ruthless... each of their wicked souls will die each death
they created.... it makes me shudder


2009 by zentara