a thread from the Lapham pool

... something Lewis Lapham said on tv earlier today, about
how a pantheistic society, full of gods and goddesses, like the
ancient Greeks or pagan tribes believed in,
is preferrable to mono-theism...

... i've been thinking about this all day riding my bike....
as i too, recently have discovered the power of the goddesses
( they appear as female to me ;-) ), and would like to clarify how
it integrates well into my belief system....

... first God, as we call it, has many other things to do besides
service a bunch of ingrates like us... so God is here, maybe just
as the eternal thought seeking peace and justice between entities,
but generally IT ain't devoting much conciousness to us, except for
keeping us alive...

... so that means that God has to delegate authority to energies of lesser
stature, to run each planet sun, solar system and galaxy.... all we care about
is the earth goddess... the krishna's refer to her as Maya... the great illusion

... but illude she must to keep her collection of human souls happy
... and to be honest...this would be a boring ass world,
without our illusions, like music

... now there are other lesser goddesses also... and i'm not sure, but
i suspect they are always the earth goddess herself....masquerading as a different
personality.... pele, the goddess of magma( she's always after me...and i love her)
the ocean goddess, or more precisely the water goddess
the air goddess, etc....

... i? i am but a mere amusement to them, like a lapdog.... but i also know,
that they are charged with my soul's proper evolution.... they are actually
fragments of God...but more playful....but the same power and energy

... when you think in your head, prayers or what ever... you are actually
praying to one or more of the goddesses....if your karma warrants it,
all legit prayer requests to the goddesses get brought into creation
...praying to the Blessed Virgin sound familiar?.... an incarnation of the goddess

... God's ultimate conciousness, only gets involved, if we start screaming
psychically "bloody murder", and demand a justice ruling from God...from beyond earth...
of course, this kind of tees off the goddess, but she is forgiving, and
that is why she is a goddess
... but as a goddess, she loves our souls so much, she wants to keep us here forever...
...especially as your soul gets qualified to leave earth.... its like a dog trainer
who can't bear to see her well trained dog go somewhere else
... so remember
( but be warned...be prepared to die if God deams it the best path for you )

...how the modern view of male saviors, like our mono-theistic religions of
today...became a standard, is hard to fathom... i don't see jesus, or other
modern spirits... but I do see goddesses( who can appear as gods)
....invisible energy beings which control life on this earth

... as a clue to you, my introduction to the goddess came as i had my
first encounter with death... as i stood before God, screaming i got screwed on earth,
and demanded my own planet.....God said: if you want that, you must become a god
yourself and move to your planet....man...have i learned alot...
IT made me a dog to the earth goddess,
so I can learn the problems the higher entities face

hats off to you Lewis!!

P.S: ... had to restart to add this, but i never forget to pay homage
to the corn goddess.... she visited in the ancient tribal indigenous times,
here, and in japan too... even talked off in ufo terms... the beautiful
female who descended from the heavens, and brought corn, to help the
starving tribes.... i would be dead without corn.... thank you corn goddess


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