a thread from the pool

ok, my invisible airwave friends, here is my thought to chase
from the glimmering pool of universe juice

...was watching the cbc show , the one with
canada's boyfriend as host.... The Hour?? IIRC
... a late night rerun it's strange now that i think about it
.... it's at 5 and 5 here near Windsor... a double nickle

... they had Lewis Lapham and Suzanne Somers on

... i always loved lapham since his days as editor at Harper's magazine
... i liked his assertions, i see reality like him
... he is at that Buckminster Fuller level of understanding, like Noam Chomsky
... i am glad to see he has kept his sharp mind as he ages well

... i havn't read a magazine in the last 20 years, but the content
of the old Harpers, under Lapham, was the highest quality intellectual
material i have ever been pleasured to read... very good insights into
all aspects of critical problems and situations

... i like suzanne somers too, on natural cancer cures
... i also think that poisoning yourself, (re: well publicized celebrity deaths,)
as a cancer cure is self-defeating.... its better to alter diet and lifestyle
at the first sign of trouble.... head up into the pure air and water of the
stone cold monastery... where you "chop the wood and haul the water", until
you rediscover your health and humanity...

... i think there is a psychosomatic link in each of our lives, that we
trigger when we need to self-destruct... some cancers may be natural

... the origin of many cancers are difficult to pin point metaphysically...
"like why does God allow it"?.... but many are organs trying to adapt to
bizarre environmental conditions... maybe we are all elvolving into
beings more suited to the rat race?.... scarythought ... happy holloween

... we are all too afraid of death.... may you all live long and healthy,
but there is a certain type of personality, who will just burn out
by living in the fastlane for too long, and there are many other ways we
burn out early

... i was listening to an NPR show last saturday, and was fascinated by
an amish teen's description of the difference in realities between the
2 world views...old amish and modern

it sounds morbid, but i wonder what the rates of degenerative diseases in the pure
old amish/mennonite communities are compared to modern people living the rat race?
... but it wouldn't be a reliable indicator anyways... because the old time people
would never let themselves be poked and prodded nor cut open.... they were too proud.
... so their actual source of dying will not be known ?
.... they just got tired and laid down?
... probably my fate.....?


2009 by zentara